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Everything you need to increase your brand visibility & recognition is here

When we founded SEAMLISS Graphics & Marketing, we recognized that companies are not simply in need of business cards, wall graphics, and signage. We know that businesses both large and small need the following:

  • Branding vision and direction from visionary minds who have industry experience, resources, and connections
  • Multifaceted quality graphics and signs working together bearing the same branding image
  • Relevant, current, and compelling images
  • Information about industry materials, applications, usage, and best ROI

At SEAMLISS, we're more than just graphics!

With over 17 years of experience in the industry, we refuse to compromise on quality.



Promoting your Brand

The challenge of being seen in a digital market

Graphics and signage have been strategic tools to impart information and tell stories for thousands of years. In the age of digital marketing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for your message to get noticed among all the instantly accessible competing images.

Compounding the issue is that audiences currently:

  • Seek the most meaningful and relevant ads in the least amount of time
  • Make snap judgments about your company based on the age and quality of your signage.

That spells potential trouble for companies that rely on aging and failing graphics which have fallen behind current aesthetics.

In a desperate attempt to reach their audience, we witness businesses trying to market themselves without knowing which products and applications will be the most effective for their needs and bring the best ROI.

Perhaps one of the most recurring issues we see is businesses with no predetermined vision for their brand:

  • Opting for the cheapest business cards, signs, and vinyl graphics
  • Using non-branded signage products from multiple printing and sign sources with no shared materials to unite them
  • Sacrificing quality, as well as material and brand consistency, for the fastest turn-around times.

The result can be an unprofessional, disjointed brand image, potentially confusing audiences, and risking having their messages go unseen.

It's our mission to help our clients find graphics and signage solutions that rise above these challenges and distinguish themselves from the rest.

Our Mission

Our goal is to listen to your ideas and needs, then turn those dreams into reality. We plan with you and share our industry knowledge. We want you to feel confident and make informed decisions for your graphics and signage marketing strategy. Our objective is to design, produce and install compelling print material, graphics, and signage that unite and strengthen your brand image. With passion, energy, and problem-solving skills, our ultimate target is to find leading-edge solutions that will:

  • boost your visual presence
  • distinguish you from your competition
  • increase awareness and traffic
  • enhance your ability to reach your audience 

It is always thrilling when our clients report that their new graphics and signage package attracts attention, raises brand awareness, and aids their growth. We want to be your graphics solutions company and do the same for you, to help you exude a position of authority in your industry.

Our Values

Relationship & Collaboration

Relationships and making a positive difference in the lives around us is at the heart of what we do. We strive to cultivate authentic relationships with our clients, partners, and suppliers. We treat each contact with respect, fairness, and integrity and believe that together we are stronger. With shared goals and mutual support, we can deliver success and invest in our clients’ growth. We listen to understand and investigate their needs to design graphics solutions they love. Through this relationship and success of past projects, we build trust, and once established, clients know they can count on us to deliver reliable, exceptional work every time. That is why our clients return time after time. It’s why we have customers who have been with us for 17 years – they know we go the extra mile.

Vision and Ingenuity

We value original thinking, and we dream with our clients to envision creative solutions that work as a whole for their brand. Our customers rely on our ingenuity and vision, our knowledge and expertise, and our high level of professionalism to deliver unique solutions for all their print, signage, and graphics installation needs. We use our expertise and product knowledge as a platform to then push the envelope and explore exciting new applications. We design new or develop already existing brand images (colours, shapes, mission, purpose, etc.) and create harmonious graphics enhancement packages that have the power to capture the fleeting attention of our client’s audience.

Excellence and Mastery

Excellence and mastery drive us. With over 17 years of experience in the industry, we refuse to compromise on quality. We stand apart with an unwavering commitment to our customers and quality of service. Our portfolio is broad and diverse, filled with repeat customers. We aim to provide superior quality, resilient, long-lasting products along with a professional graphics installation service that meets our clients’ deadlines and exceeds their expectations. We execute on the details and hold ourselves to such a high degree of quality standards through which we’ve proven our reliability and integrity.