In this image-driven culture, endless competing images bombard you and your audience daily. It is challenging to captivate your audience and keep yourself positioned in front.

Harness the power of custom graphics and signage to elevate you from the crowd, keep you connected with your audience and offer consistency of message in every element of your branding.

Why choose SEAMLISS?

At SEAMLISS Graphics & Marketing, we know that your customers choose brands and experiences that they deem current, clever, creative, and align with their personal beliefs. We also know that compelling graphics and signage paired with leading-edge displays that support your brand and tell your story in every component of your branding elevates you from the competition, share your message, and keeps you connected with your audience.

Our clients rely on our knowledge, experience, and visualization skills to envision and design solutions to marketing and branding needs. Your success is important to us. We partner with you to listen to and understand your graphics and signage needs to produce marketing and branding solutions that you love. Our team brings passion and energy and excels at overcoming obstacles, finding innovative design solutions, and delivering superior value and exceptional results.

Make your next project a SEAMLISS one.

We offer a broad range of customized services from start to finish!

Interior & Exterior Signage

Your signage speaks volumes about you! Make sure it communicates the right message. We specialize in creating custom signs and banners of all formats and materials that meet your marketing and communication needs.

Custom Graphics

Blank walls, pillars, windows, and floors are potential advertising spaces waiting to happen for your brand – especially those in high traffic areas! We design wall, window, and floor graphics that market your brand, promote your campaign, and visually enhance your space.

Vehicle Graphics

Give your brand greater exposure and broader reach today by incorporating a cost-effective vehicle wrap into your marketing strategy. Our team of seasoned vehicle graphics designers and installers is ready to help you with your vehicle graphics package.

Graphic Installation Services

Have your graphics and signage already in hand, but need someone to install it for you? Our experienced professional installers are detail-oriented and have been transforming spaces with graphics and signage across South Central Ontario since 2014.

Graphic Design Services

We have a highly trained design team, each member from different institutions, professionally trained in multiple design disciplines. When merged, we form a highly creative team ready to take on your design challenge.

Corporate ID & Print Materials

We handle all your print materials needs, from business cards and letterhead, to brochures, postcards and posters, we ensure your branding remains uniform and makes a statement across all elements.

Specialty Graphic Displays

We put 17 years of experience in our industry into every project to make sure our clients are putting their best foot forward. We’re uniquely positioned in the industry to innovate, responding in a timely manner with a completely customized solution. Let’s dream together.

Trade Show & Event Material

Let us use our knowledge, training, and expertise to make your next event the talk of the show, so you can focus on showing the world what you do best. We oten pair this with our print collateral items to further embellish your show.

Architectural Finishes

Add privacy, control light, or change the appearance of your existing fixtures and surfaces by resurfacing them with architectural decorative film. There are a variety of collections to choose from including stone, wood, decorative metal designs.

Don't just take our word

What Clients Say About SEAMLISS

A Little About Us

SEAMLISS Graphics & Marketing is a graphic design and print media brokerage company that handles all of your print, signage, and graphics installation needs to help your business stand apart from the rest. Our team of designers, production partners, and our 3M trained installation team are ready to provide you with a solution to your marketing needs – from consultation and design to production and installation. Our certified staff is licensed for working at heights. It will be our pleasure to work with you on your next project. We’ve got your branding and signage solutions covered whether you need a logo, business cards, custom graphics, signage solutions, graphics installation services, retail displays, or vehicle graphics. 

What to expect with a SEAMLISS project...

When you contact us we:

  • Conduct a needs assessment interview to identify your needs, wishes, budget, and timeline
  • Determine your key message
  • Inform you of industry standards, practices
  • Discuss graphics application options and duration/promotional activation length
  • Design graphics options and develop a wish list of various enhancement options to choose from
  • Execution and Installation – the fun part where we transform your space and bring your ideas to life


It’s our priority that when our professionally trained graphics installation team finishes the job, we will have achieved a result that you love.